Brian Buchignani

Brian is a musician and teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience.  As a teacher, it is his goal to work with each student according to his/her own needs.  He has experience teaching all ages from 4 years to 94 years.  It is his philosophy that each and every student is unique and has their own individual approach to learning. He believes that regardless of playing level, each student can enjoy the benefits of playing a musical instrument.    

Brian grew up in a rich musical environment.  His mother was a concert pianist and teacher at the DeShazo College of Music in Memphis, Tennessee.  He began serious study of the piano at age 13, and was instructed in the Conservatory tradition.  At this time, he also began the study of wind instruments, and played in various regional symphonic and jazz bands throughout school. 

Following school, he began organ studies and served as organist and musician for various churches.  During this time, he began teaching privately.  His musical boundaries expanded as he explored beyond his classical training to study improvisation, composition, abstract and jazz/contemporary forms.

He is currently a composer and recording artist, whose works have been featured on several independant radio stations around the country.  He has also done some studio work.      

Barbara Ring

Barbara has been a resident of the Downriver area for most of her life.  She began her study of the piano at age 5, and the cello at age 10.  She has performed in several solo and ensemble festivals as a cellist, and also as a piano accompanist.  She performed as a cellist for 4 years in the Allen Park Symphony, as well as at various events professionally.

Barbara has had a life-long love of creating music and endeavors to instill that same love in her students.  Her special focus for teaching is the very young.  She has a passion for taking the natural enthusiasm and curiosity of children and introducing them to the world of music making.  She also teaches beginning adult students.